Skiing is a passion and a way of life. 

If it's got snow on it, it's skiable - not necessarily sensible, but skiable.

In professional life, I'm a scientist, academic and entrepreneur. My passions are skiing, science and how health and life are linked through exercise and nutrition. Each winter season brings its own special adventures, and understanding how exercise, the mountains and living life to the full come together to make us more than who we are takes us beyond existence and into living.

I'd rather be on the mountain thinking about science than in the lab thinking about skiing

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Research groups

The latest breakthroughs in cancer, physiology and cardiovascular disease, link to here.

To explore how RNA splicing can enhance our food and wine, link here.

The best places to ski

St Anton

In my view the best ski resort on the planet. Great atmosphere, incredible skiing, huge amounts of snow (usually), fantastic infrastructure, and enormous area. The off piste, back country and touring terrain is so varied, that under almost any conditions there's great skiing to be had. Good restaurants, great bars add perfect destination resort. See underneath for favourite couloirs!

Monte Rosa

The Gressoney-Champoluc-Alagna linked ski area provides some of the most wild terrain, awesome views, and steep terrain of anywhere in the Alps, and has a much better infrastructure, food and atmosphere than Chamonix. Also fantastic restaurants and wine bars. It also gives access to Monte Rosa huts - I've never summited it but would love to do some of the ascents.


Skiing in the shadow of the Matterhorn is always a special experience, but with the length of descents, and frequent powder traps, particularly on the Zermatt side, this is a fabulous area to ski. Much cheaper on the italian side but Zermatt has some of the best mountain food in Europe - try Chez Vrony for the best end of day eating anywhere. A nice groomed run home required given the amount of Prosecco required.


The greatest snow on earth, and probably the greatest runs I've ever had  with six feet plus of champagne powder allowing cliff jumps to be attempted with ease (and sometimes without knowledge). Also the home of some insane couloirs and some great friends.


Incredible runs, swish (Swiss) organisation and fantastic touring terrain, but ridiculously expensive to stay there, or eat there. Backside is a truly hair raising lift served run off the cable car, and the size of the ski area, and accessible backcountry is fabulous.

The Alpine Arc

From 2012 onwards, I have been part of a group attempting to ski tour across the Alps. We started in Ischgl in Austria and have so far reached Bardonecchia in Italy, skiing one week a year from hut to hut (where possible). This incredible adventure is chronicled in the below pages

Part One. Ischgl - Klosters - The Silvretta Tour
Part Two. Klosters-Andermatt - the Thwarted tour
Part Three. Andermatt-Lotschental - The Bernese Oberland Tour
Part Four. Lotschental-Verbier - The Injury Prone Tour
Part Five. Verbier - La Thuile - The Reverse Haute Route
Part Six. La Thuile-Bardonecchia - The Sunny Tour


 Recent skiing pictures

Favourite Couloirs

Links to my favourite couloirs, and ones I want to ski but haven't yet


Schindlergrat Chutes (St Anton)

A series of 7 chutes on the west side, 4 on the west side and two on the south side, these are consistently some of the best lift served couloirs in Europe IMHO. Chute 3 is a wide, relatively easy pitch that is still steep (35° in places) with a rocky entrance. 4, 5 and 6 get steeper and tighter with better snow - at least 1200ft vertical drop. The East chutes give a huge vertical descent - 900m (3000ft) of vertical fall line skiing down into the Steissbachtal (Happy Valley) but with only the first 300ft very steep. On a powder day there is nowhere better to be.

Torli Couloir (Kapall, St Anton)

This avalanche prone couloir off the Schõngrabern lift is often too dangerous to ski, but in the right conditions is stunning 1000ft+ 37°+drainpipe of a couloir. Ski from Kapall lift into the Schafgilger powderfield on the skiers left of the t bar. Instead of taking the traverse right to Schõngraben ski down the powder field, but bear right 100m before the slope funnels into the usual Torli route. There are three entrances - the best is high above the small tree, which gives a lovely powder entrance - beware slides - a second round the tree to the right hand side, and a third which requires a launch - only to be attempted under exceptionally stable conditions.  You come out to avalanche debris in Schõngraben with chamois often seen up the hill.

Le Giraffe (Andermatt)

A 800m narrow steep (>45° in places) chute dropping off the back of Andermatt into the Oberalptal reached by a traverse from the Gem stock lift and then a hunt for the entrance to the left after skiing the top of the Giraffe area.
Clearly visible if you ski the Oberalptal past the Vermigelhutte. See video below for what it's like to ski.

Arlenmähder Chutes (St Anton)

Nice and steep chute straight off the Zammermoos lift (left of diamond number 75) down to Arlenmahder lift. Unfortunately quite heavily sun exposed so can break up or slump easily. Not for the afternoon in spring!

'king Marley's Chute (Stuben)

This isn't it's official name, but what we call; it  - a beautiful north facing powder trap in Stuben directly accessible from AlbonaII lift (traverse round above the Marois See lake to the entramnce, then straight down towards the Arlberg tunnel ventilation shaft.

Grand Couloir (Courchevel)

Lanserlia Couloir, Parc Vanoise

North America

Blowhole (Whistler)
Hangman's Hollow (Mammoth Mountain)

Sudain (now Couloir Extreme, Blackcomb)

Pallisades (Alpine Meadows)
KT22 (Squaw)
Scott's Chute (Snowbird)
ENSA couloir (Chamonix)

On my list to do (open to suggestions!)

Malfatta (Alagna)
Marinelli (Monte Rosa)
Baldy Chutes (Alta)
Corbett's Couloir (Jackson)

Mountain guide links

Here are some of the guides I've skied with and would highly recommend
Oscar Cametti (Mountain Experts)
Kathy Murphy
Stefano della Gasparini
Bruce Goodlad (Mountain Adventure)

Skiing videos

Alta Sucks - a couple of days when Alta was at it's worst (i.e. still pretty good!)
Armada TSTs - taking out my Armada's for the first time.
Losing it Big - What happens when Westward Ho is really big at Alta
Family St Anton -  a reminder of what the kids were like when they really were kids.
Le Giraffe - skiing with Jay in March 2022

The chutes - Expanding compilation of Schindlergrat videos featuring skiing buddies Mark Bowes and others

My Kit

Skis - Nordica Enforcer 100s 183cm Downhill, White Dot 108s Touring
Bindings Dynafit Radicat ST, and Marker Duke Pro 120s
Boots - Touring - La Sportiva Spectre, Downhill, Nordica Diablo 110s
Poles - ColdPoles. With Rum or whisky

David Bates

Last edited, 2/4/2018